Sunday, 14 October 2012

KCWC - Day 7: beach robes and a skirt

I managed to finish off three garments just in time for the end of Kids' Clothes Week, and even fitted in a little gardening, too. Now it's time to tidy my sewing table, sweep the floor and pick all the little bits of thread off my clothes. But hang on - I have a couple of projects still unfinished! Maybe the tidy-up will have to wait. Anyway, I'm too tired to do anything that can't be done while sitting down. I wonder how all you other KCWC participants are feeling - exhilarated or exhausted? I have enjoyed the sewing, but I don't think I could continue at such a mad pace for much longer. I'm looking forward to a return to my usual routine of sewing things bit by bit over several days (or sometimes weeks) without a deadline.

Sadly the children displayed a total lack of interest in their new clothes today, and refused point blank to model. Despite eventually negotiating a modelling contract with them ('put these on now, eat this lollybag after') several threats were required to obtain their cooperation (no dessert tonight! no playstation! no toys!). And whether you can call running around making silly faces 'cooperating' is another matter altogether...

So here are today's offerings:


Pattern: Beach robe by Made

Fabric: Towelling from Spotlight; home-made bias tape in seersucker and spotty cotton fabric, both from Spotlight.

Sewing: These have been sitting unfinished on my sewing table for a while now. R's, which I put together first, was a straightforward sew - Dana's pattern is simple and easy to construct, with many photos to accompany the instructions. I opted for a lined hood (if it were unlined the inside seams would show, which I didn't think would be very attractive), a full tie and long sleeves. I sewed the sleeves using the 'alternative method', which worked well.

K's was more complicated as I had to upsize the pattern, which only goes up to size 4, to fit a tall 8-year-old. I don't think I got it 100% right - the arms are a little tight where they meet the body of the robe, and the hood is maybe a little small - but it fits OK and K loves it.

I would happily make one of these again in one of the sizes included in the pattern - it's a really nice garment. And just in time for the Australian summer.


Pattern: Burda 'sweet as sugar' skirt from Burda Style 5/2012. Another tracing ordeal, but I'm a little more accomplished at it now. 

Fabric: Red cotton gingham and cotton batiste lining, exactly as used in the magazine (40% off fabrics at Lincraft this month; nice timing guys!). Cotton lace trim from Darn Cheap - don't you love sewing puns? No other fabric store cuts it like they do - or so it says on their window.

Sewing: I'm not ready to swear allegiance to Burda Style magazine, but it was a lot easier than the dress. The pockets were the only part that confused me; I had to wrap my head around how they ought to be constructed in order to understand the (not terribly clear) directions. The waist ended up way too big for R, but despite lingering irritation with the folks up at Burda HQ I can't lay the blame for that one on them. I put elastic inside the waistband casing, but having run out of the right size I had to improvise with something narrow (temporarily! I will sort it out tomorrow) so at the moment it looks terribly bunchy. I also found myself short of two white buttons for the pocket flaps and could not find appropriate ones anywhere in the house - very frustrating. I came this close to debuttoning one of my husband's shirts - I actually started to rifle through his wardrobe, then decided it was a bit of an unwise move, given that I'd like to stay married for the time being. So that detail, too, will have to wait.

The skirt is flouncy and gorgeous, with plenty of ruffles and lace. I really love it, even if I did a rather rushed job of sewing it and the finish is not quite as nice as I would like it to be. Getting R to try it on was a challenge so the photos aren't that great. But never mind, it's done and it's cute. Happy last day of KCWC, everyone!

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