Friday, 6 October 2017

Summer dress in teal knit

I'd been admiring this beautiful teal fabric in Spotlight for at least a year, so when it appeared on the clearance table recently, I pounced.

This is a simple little dress adapted from pattern O from Girls Style Book. I improvised a front placket instead of having a slit at the back of the dress, and left off the patch pockets, but otherwise it's exactly as per the pattern. The Birch organic knit was nice and easy to sew with and I love the colour SO much.

White wall plus blazing sun plus strong wind doesn't make for the greatest photos (nor the most pleasant experience) but the dress really looks lovely on R. It's a little looser than I'd intended, so I hemmed it to be it just above the knee instead of shortening it further, which had been my plan. This way she can wear it again next summer and it won't be too mini.

R has grown out of so many of her clothes, which is wonderful as there's nothing I love more than sewing summer dresses. Time to start cutting out my next one...