Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Playgroup art and craft: Jellyfish

Our playgroup space, sadly, is rather drab and institutional-looking. Because we rent it from the council and it's used by several other community groups there's not much we can do to pretty it up besides putting up the children's artworks and a few posters. But at our last session, on a chilly, grey morning, balloons and streamers brightened up the place for a while. Playing with balloons kept the children happily occupied inside when it was too cold to go out; streamers were cut into lengths to become dangling jellyfish tentacles attached to paper plate bodies. 

The finished jellyfish, hanging on their elastic threads, move their tentacles beautifully when bounced a little, almost as though they are swimming through water. Next week I suspect they'll all be swimming back to their makers' homes - but for now they add much-needed movement and colour to our playgroup space.

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