Friday, 17 August 2012

A present for B

A home-made present for a dear friend in Cape Town, who just let me know that it (finally!) arrived. Oilcloth coin purse made using this tutorial and some rubber stamps I made a while back but delayed sending because I couldn't find the right sized tin to put them in (I ended up just wrapping them). B, I'm glad the parcel made it, and that it cheered you up.

When I looked for my photos of the stamps and purse, I found a photo of this drawing by R taken on the same day. Apparently the girls are sad because they are caught in the flood (that's the one God sent to wipe out all the bad people - she's read about it in K's pop-up Noah's Ark book) and the boys are happy because they have a boat - or something like that. I remember she said they are all holding their cases (how do you pack for a flood, I wonder?). 

She must have been quite taken by the flood story as it's unusual for her to do a drawing without any princesses or evil queens. Speaking of which, it's interesting that the evil queens don't scare her like so many other things in her picture-books do. Lately she has insisted that several books be exiled to a cupboard in another room: We're Going on a Bear Hunt (scary bear), Ginger (allegedly scary kitten, although in truth it is not remotely scary), The Bear and the Trolls (scary bear, scary trolls) and Roland the Minstrel Pig (scary fox). Hopefully she won't notice the pair of grizzly bears in the Noah's Ark book...

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