Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Another nightie in Japanese lawn

R has been wearing the same much-loved summer nightie for the past three years, during which time it's gone from very long to way too short, and has become rather difficult to get into. When the fabric - thin from so much wear - started to tear in a couple of places, I knew I had to move quickly on a new version. And since the old pattern had proved so perfect, and the fabric was so light and soft, there seemed no need to reinvent the wheel; the same Japanese pattern and the same kind of fabric would do perfectly.

The pattern is from Girly Style Wardrobe, and is intended as a slip to be worn under another dress, but its loose-fitting style with no closures makes it perfect for nightwear. The fabric is from Spotlight's Japanese lawn range and the trim is cotton lace (and plenty of it!).

R is thrilled with her long nightie and is now requesting a long dress - which won't be happening until she drops her demand for an off-the-shoulder style. I'm just happy she's no longer squeezing herself into a tiny torn nightie!


  1. Oh Marisa, this might be one of my favorite things you've ever made. It's absolutely gorgeous! The trim just makes it.

  2. Thank you Masha, I do agree, the trim makes it extra lovely! In fact, everything I've made from this book has been wonderful - it's one of my favourites :)

  3. Gorgeous. Such pretty fabric and trim......

  4. Completely agree with Masha and Marina - the fabric and the trim are just gorgeous! What a luxuriously beautiful garment to sleep in! She looks beautiful.

    1. Thanks Inder. She certainly loves wearing it - now I just have to get her to learn to go to sleep quickly and easily instead of coming back into our loungeroom a million times every night!

  5. OH this nighty is perfect Marisa. I hope R will have the sweetest dreams while wearing it (and go to sleep quickly too hehe).