Friday, 26 September 2014

The short story of a long nightie

R loves her pink flannel nightie so much, it's been difficult getting it into the laundry basket. Clearly a second one was needed, and clearly - as our cold weather is just about over - I've been rather slow in making it (despite having bought this Anna Maria Horner fabric a couple of months ago). But hey, I got there in the end, didn't I? And I've made this one super long, with extra long sleeves so it will still fit her next winter.

This is the third time I've sewn dress pattern J from Girly Style Wardrobe, and as I did with nightie number 1, I moved the placket to the front, lengthened the dress and added a frill.

I used 'diamond' buttons to add some sparkle.

And I'm pleased to report that tonight the pink nightie is (finally) in the laundry basket, and - as I write this - a little someone is sleeping sweetly in the blue one.


  1. Yay for nightwear so good they can't wait to go to bed!

    1. Oh yes. And yay for my bedtime, too - this school holiday thing is exhausting!