Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas playdough gifts, and a festive paper plate garland

There have been lots of 'last days' this week, fortunately not of the Mayan variety, but emotional nevertheless. Last day of kinder (actually that was last week - my memory is already suffering from silly season syndrome), last day of playgroup, last day of school... so of course there was much exchanging of candy canes, cards and chocolates. R and I made up some cute little packages of candy cane playdough, an idea I found on The Artful Parent - it is peppermint-scented playdough in candy cane colours, red and white. We cut ours into star shapes and they looked so appetising I thought it wise to include a card explaining what it was and warning the recipient not to eat it (I'm guessing at least a couple of R's friends had a nibble anyway).

At home we have been hauling out the decorations in preparation for christmas. R has been cranking out salad spinner masterpieces in such great quantities that we had enough to make a huge garland of them and still have some left over. And the homemade aesthetic goes perfectly with our cardboard christmas tree! 

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