Thursday, 1 August 2013

Happy pants

For years I've been reading about Happy Homemade vol. 2 and its wonderful patterns for pants and shorts. Unfortunately the book only goes up to size 8 which rules out making anything for my son, who is 9 years old and big for his age. Of course there's my daughter, but she is very much a skirts and dresses girl who refuses to wear pants unless there's a compelling reason (I managed to persuade her when they had 'mud day' at kindergarten) or a bribe (as in: 'if you let me take a photo of you in these lovely jeans with the cute top I just made, I'll give you a chocolate frog'). But hey, I wasn't going to let her fashion preferences stop me from making some of the famous Happy Homemade pants!

I used some black linen left over from a skirt I made myself last year. Black wouldn't normally be my choice for a 5-year-old, but I didn't know if the fit would be any good so this was something of an experiment and not worth buying new fabric for. I made pattern O, wide-legged pants, in size 2. Yes, size 2 - and they fit her perfectly with just a little bit of length added. The pattern is an easy sew, with an elastic waist and back pockets. Now R has black linen pants that she may never wear, but they do look kind of cool...


  1. It looks great! I want one for me;) but.. size 2!? You mean "90"? Well, my almost 5 yrs old one can wear "leggings for 24 months". They may have much similarity.. she is a skirts and dresses girl too!

    1. She has a very small waist so I chose the size by waist measurement. As for leggings, I have given up buying them! Like your daughter, R only fits into the smaller sizes, but then they're not long enough for her. Gotta make them myself, I guess...

  2. I really like these, I think black looks god on her, kind of French chic?