Monday, 12 August 2013

'Mama, I want to make something!' what R tells me every day (and sometimes several times a day). In the past couple of months she has become crazy about making things, and this mania shows no signs of slowing. Toilet paper rolls, foil, fabric scraps, plastic cups, jars, chopsticks - nothing is safe when she's on the lookout for things she can use. And although I like to blame Mister Maker and Playschool I know it's really no one's fault but my own, because I am exactly the same. 

I thought I would start documenting some of her sweet creations, so above are a few of last week's 'projects'. From left to right: paper peacock feathers (to give to her friends), glittery painted apple and hedgehog (made with Das and sticks), paper plate face (which she named 'Nina Pretty Ballerina').

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