Saturday, 3 August 2013

Happy pyjama pants

This is what my sewing room (+ study/storage room/computer room) looked like a few months ago:

I took these photos thinking I'd (eventually) do a 'before and after' post, showing the room transformed from chaos to order, with all the fabric, papers, mexican flowers and miscellany cleverly stored away and neatly arranged for easy access. And while my desk is still piled up with stuff and the room is still in a shameful state of disorder, I have put drawers in the previously useless wardrobes and have begun the sorting and tidying process.

Although it's a challenging and dusty task, I've rediscovered all sorts of things I'd forgotten I had - like a metre of girly flannelette that was supposed to be for R's pyjama pants last winter. Poor R has two shop-bought pairs of pyjama pants, both of which are too big around the waist and fall down constantly. So I'm seriously overdue in making her a pair that fit. But guess what! That Happy Homemade pattern turns out to be perfect for pyjama pants. I used ribbing for the waistband instead of flannelette, which adds a bit of colour and feels nice and comfy around the waist.

No more falling-down pants!

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