Monday, 5 August 2013

Another stretchy skirt for me

Finally managed to take some photos of my second stretchy skirt based on this tutorial. More dreadful self-timer photography I'm afraid... hopefully the skirt looks a little better in real life than it does in the pics!

I found the fabric at Darn Cheap and fell in love with it, but wasn't sure if it was really 'me'. To be honest, after years of dagging around at home in old clothes I no longer have any idea what my style is, if indeed I still ever had one. So I just went and bought it. It's a thick polyester/spandex with a good amount of stretch, but I fear I've made a novice sewer's mistake with both the stretchy skirts and not made them tight enough around the waist and hips. My advice to anyone sewing with stretch or knit fabrics: make it really tight, so tight that you have to squeeze yourself into it the first time you wear it, because IT WILL STRETCH OVER TIME.

Still, I'm pretty happy with this one.


  1. Oh, you are so right! It will stretch... Another great skirt! Love the fabric:)