Thursday, 19 September 2013

Just a top

It's just a simple top, but it represents something bigger for me: the realisation that sewing tops for myself might actually be possible.

I bought a few metres of polyester fabric from Darn Cheap's $2 table to try out the free scoop top pattern from Skirt as Top. It was easy to sew, but looked awful on me - turns out I really have the wrong body shape for that style of top. Feeling frustrated, and with a metre or so of poly left, I decided to try copying a linen top I had bought recently. I literally laid the top on the fabric and cut around the shape, leaving a little seam allowance. After sewing the sides and shoulders together I cut a long thin strip of fabric to bind the neckline, and hemmed the 'sleeves' and bottom edge. It was that easy. And I quite like it, even though polyester isn't what I'd usually choose to wear. Now to see if I can replicate this success with something less sheer and synthetic...


  1. I am so impressed that you made this without a pattern. It looks great.

    1. Thanks! I was surprised it worked out vaguely wearable.