Sunday, 8 September 2013

J is for jacket

Pattern J from Happy Homemade vol. 1 is a knockout. A simple, unlined jacket that is easy to trace and cut (only four pattern pieces plus some bias tape), easy to sew and easy to wear. I made this one using dark blue striped linen from Kim Anh Fabric in Oakleigh.

It's a versatile style, with ties that can be tied at either back or front, so you can wear it open:

 or closed:

It has handy pockets, too.

I love it so much that right after I made the first one I started a second version in another linen from the same shop, this time a very lightweight black with a subtle stripe. And although I like the three quarter length sleeves I made these ones full length:

I'm so happy with both my jackets. Hooray for J!


  1. Hi Marisa - I have been searching for this book for what seems like forever! Not available in the US! I even tried the bookstores in San Francisco's Japantown, with no success. I primarily want the book for the gorgeous jacket pattern you've made. Do you know anyone who is willing to sell, loan, etc. the book or this pattern? Thanks!

    1. Weird - I replied to your comment but it seems to have vanished, so I'll try again. I got the book from the local library but have seen it for sale on Bookworld, an online bookstore. It's Australian, but you can see if they will post overseas. Here's the URL for the book:

      And have you tried ebay? If all else fails let me know and I'll borrow the book next time I'm at the library and trace off a copy for you - it's only a few pieces, so not hard to do. Good luck!

  2. Late to the party, but this book is available now. I just ordered a copy from Amazon ... thanks for this post -- this one is next on my list of projects (and if it works, I want to do one in wool for winter).

    1. Thanks Charlotte, good to hear it's now available. I've seen a couple of these jackets in wool on the French site Japan Couture, and they look great. Hope yours works out well!