Monday, 18 March 2013

Playgroup art & craft: Playdough sculptures

Last night I made a couple of nice new batches of playdough. I usually use a cooked playdough recipe (the one that's on the cream of tartar container), but this time I used a no-cook method, which is basically the same except that instead of cooking the playdough in a saucepan you put the dry ingredients and oil in a bowl, then add boiling water. It's a little less effort and the results are - as far as I can tell - identical. You can find a recipe for no-cook playdough here.

At playgroup I put out the playdough along with feathers, straws, matchsticks, pipecleaners and some small plastic animals. Some children stuck things into the dough; others played imaginative games with the dough and the animals.

R was happy poking things into the playdough for a while, then - typically! - invented her own activity: drawing Easter eggs. She then spent a long time painstakingly cutting out each egg. She tells me she is planning to hand them out to all the children at our playgroup Easter egg hunt next week. Sweet!

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