Sunday, 31 March 2013

Painting with chocolate

K and R wanted to make Easter chocolates for family and friends. With little cups of melted, coloured white chocolate (just light colours, as too much water-based food colouring makes the chocolate seize up) and a set of paintbrushes I keep especially for this purpose, the children painted splodges, splatters and spots into chocolate moulds.

I froze the painted moulds for a short time, then poured melted milk chocolate into them before putting them back in the freezer til they were completely cold. It was such fun to see the coloured eggs pop out of the moulds!

With all this chocolate-making (accompanied, naturally, by a lot of chocolate-eating) and because our lovely neighbours were organising an Easter egg hunt, I wasn't planning to get the kids anything for Easter. I knew we'd have way too much chocolate as it was. But when my husband said he thought the kids would be terribly disappointed I caved in and made them each a little Easter gift using Vlijtig's bunny pouch tutorial.

This was late on Saturday night but it was a quick and easy gift, with a few chocolate eggs tucked inside. And because treasure hunts are all the rage around here, I made a series of clues for each child, which lead - eventually! - to their Easter present.

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