Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Our annual beachside holiday. A week filled with swimming, digging, exploring, walking, puzzling (1000 pieces and bloody difficult!), fish-and-chip eating and - for one of us - painting faces on stones with nailpolish. Now we're back home and that sandy, sunscreen-scented holiday feeling is already fading as we return to work, school, kinder and housework. 

R's pet rock Charlotte and several of her little rock friends came home with us and have been enjoying scenic drives around the loungeroom - a little reminder of our week by the beach.


  1. Looks like such a relaxing and fun holiday, Marisa! Love the painted rocks! I'm dreaming of warmer temps as it is grey and drizzly here in Seattle...

    1. Hang in there, the skies will clear eventually... but I do sympathise, being no great fan of cold and rainy weather.

      Yes the painted rocks are sweet, I was so glad I'd brought R's nailpolish set along with us. She also painted my husband's toenails in rainbow colours - very stylish.