Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Strike day

Lucky K scored a day off school due to a statewide teachers' strike. We thoroughly enjoyed our day at home, with friends visiting for morning tea and the kids' grandmother L coming over for the afternoon. 

In addition to the bagels, fruit salad and honey cake brought over by our lovely friends, we had this cake, which is the latest addition to my baking repertoire:

I found the recipe for the orange cake here, having tried out a tofu dish from the same blog, Bubala, a couple of months ago (it was fantastic). It's always good to hear what other vegetarians are cooking, and since the tofu was my kind of thing I though the cake might be, too. Besides being very easy to make, this cake is light and delicious, and best of all, it is VEGAN. Although I'm just plain old vegetarian I have been trying to cut down on the amount of dairy foods we eat, mainly for health reasons (I won't go into them here, but Professor T. Colin Campbell, a very eminent biochemist who conducted the world's largest study of health and nutrition, can tell you all the reasons you should adopt a plant-based diet on this website). Generally I have avoided dairy-free baking, thinking it would just be too depressing to eat cakes made without egg and butter, but this one has proved me wrong.

In the afternoon I told K about a puppet-making workshop he might like to go to during the holidays, which resulted in R demanding to make puppets right now. I gave them each a couple of brown paper bags and this is what she and K came up with:

Left and centre are R's; the one on the right is K's.

OK kids, fun's over now. It's back to school and the old routine tomorrow (but only two days til the weekend, hooray!).

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