Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lazy days skirt

You know when fabric is so beautiful you don't want to cut it up? So special that it can't be used, because no project will do it justice? So gorgeous that you just want to keep it forever? My precious piece of Nani Iro double gauze fuwari fuwari has been sitting in a drawer for over a year now (accompanied by a longer length of another print that I may one day have the courage to use) and was in danger of being forever neglected, a victim of its own beauty. And now I've rescued it, brought it out into the world for R and I to enjoy - at least, until she grows out of it. After all, what can you do with a half-yard* of fabric but make a skirt for a little girl?

I'm sure I'm not the first person to suffer from Nani Iro paralysis - the inability to cut up fabric from this beautiful range. Naomi Ito's designs are so stunning that each piece is like a work of art; you could just hang it on a wall and it would look amazing. So I can't take any credit for this little skirt. All I did was choose a simple pattern to show off the fabric: the Oliver + S lazy days skirt (free pattern available here). Although I don't really need a tutorial to put together a skirt like this, the lovely thing about the lazy days skirt is the ribbon hem, which I had never tried before. I bought pale pink and purple ribbons to try out, but in the end I decided that the fabric was perfect just as it was, and there should be no visual distractions. White satin ribbon turned out to be just the right finish for the hem. 

Now all that's left is for me to bow down and worship it.  

* Yes I know we went metric decades ago, but I bought it from Fabric Tales and they only sell by the yard!

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