Thursday, 1 January 2015

Spotty New Year

Cosi swimsuit number two: the same style as the first one, but in a 'proper' swimsuit fabric. I still love the first one I made but the scuba knit fabric isn't holding up that well, so I thought I'd better re-make it in something more appropriate.

I bought the white spotty material at Joelle's Fabric Clearance Warehouse, which I discovered when searching for swimsuit fabric on Ebay. I noticed their physical location was quite close to where I live, so one day I set out on a swimsuit-fabric-buying mission and was not disappointed - this place has loads of the stuff and it's quite inexpensive. The spotty fabric was a huge piece of remnant that cost me only $5, and I also got some UV-rated chloroban fabric in pink stripes to make a two-piece out of.

As with my first Cosi the straps are tied in a halter-neck style. I left them long and just tied little knots in the end to keep them neat. And because white fabric tends to be a little see-through, I fully lined the swimsuit with some lining from Joelle's.

R wore her new bathers to the local pool the other day and looked so cute in them. As I've said before, I really recommend this pattern for anyone wanting to give bathers a go. I also heartily recommend the use of ice creams as a modelling prop (a.k.a. bribe) - this was far and away the most pleasant photoshoot I've ever done!

Happy 2015, everyone! 


  1. ha ha, ice cream photo prop advice duly noted!
    What a great swimsuit. I've just cut out a Cosi for my first go at swimmers. I headed to Rathdowne remnants which has lots of proper swimsuit fabric, and it just happened they were having a sale on all remnants. Awesome. Off to check out that Joelle link though.
    Here's a new year's resolution for me: how about finally having a coffee (or glass of wine) with Marisa!

    1. Ooh, can't wait to see your Cosi! You'd better hurry up and sew it - some hot weather coming up!
      And yes, let's meet up sometime. I'll email you my phone number :)

  2. R looks great in her new cosi! Happy New year.

    1. Thanks Louise, happy new year to you too :)