Monday, 5 January 2015

Cushions and a kitten

For nearly a year now a selection of Japanese fabrics from Spotlight has been languishing in my fabric cupboard waiting to be made into cushion covers. And at last - in the absence of any other  sewing projects - I got around to making them. They may not be the most exciting thing to make, but they certainly provide great aesthetic return for a very small amount of effort! 

The big cushions are simple 50 x 50cm squares with a zipper at one side. I used these cushion inserts from Ikea and cut the fabric the exact dimensions of the insert because I find that not adding any seam allowance makes the covers fit more snugly. I like to use this method for inserting cushion zips, setting the zips in 5cm or so at each end for neater corners.

For the one smaller cushion I had run out of the beautiful tree fabric and used some thick linen for the back. It looks so good, I really wish I'd done the same for all of them! Oh well, next time...

This is how the cushions look on our couch. But hang on - who is that sleek black creature with the white whiskers? Allow me to introduce our new kitten, Moriarty. We have all fallen completely in love with him and I could probably write a very long blog post about his beauty, his outrageously playful and daring antics, his cuddliness and his ability to locate cosy and cute places to sleep - but I'll spare you. I will say, though, that it's nice to have someone around who truly appreciates R's wardrobe!


  1. haha Moriarty is so cute! Hope he is not going to take after Proferror Moriarty! The cushion covers like curtains are not too much fun to make, but they do add such a wonderful touch, don't they! Your cushions look great! Once our new couch finally arrives there will be some cushion sewing happening here too!

    1. Thanks Jenya! Well the kitten is named after Professor Moriarty... and he is rather naughty... he particularly loves sitting on the keyboard of my open laptop, which is incredibly irritating!

  2. Ha, the modern cat equivalent of sitting on the newspaper!
    he is cute. I've always thought the best cat is a short hair black and white male, so good choice!
    Lovely cushions too. I like the idea of cushions but really need to get the couch recovered first! yours is looking very stylish.

    1. I'm so glad my cat meets with your approval (since you are a professional, after all)! As for newspapers, Morry does have an annoying habit of sitting on my laptop keyboard whenever I open it...

      Oh, and our couch only looks good because it's barely been used yet - it's waiting to replace the tattered and torn leather one that my husband refuses to put on the hard rubbish collection. I'm sure a bit of feline attention will soon have the 'new' one looking equally shabby :)