Monday, 24 March 2014

Everything you always wanted to know about me, plus a few things you probably didn't


Have you checked the fabulous Another Sewing Blog? The author - whose name I've just realised I don't even know - has kindly given me the Liebster Award, a virtual award passed from blogger to blogger with the aim of promoting blogs with fewer than 200 followers. The Liebster is akin to a chain letter, as it requires the awardee to answer a series of five questions, provide five facts about themselves, then pass the award on to a further five bloggers. As there are a few different versions of the rules around, I'm going to follow Another Sewing Blogger's lead and not worry too much about them.

So, in answer to the questions put to me:

1) What is your favourite make (sewn, knitted, any kind of craft)?

I have so many favourites, but the creations that have perhaps been the most useful are a pair of colourful pillowcases and matching heat packs (rice bags) that I made for my children a couple of years ago. They still adore their pillowcases and those heat packs are looking rather the worse for wear due to frequent use. One had to be replaced after an unfortunate bedwetting incident...

2) What was the last movie/tv show/play/musical/album you enjoyed?

I've been playing The Beatles' 'Revolver' in the car recently, while my son bugs me with constant questions about the tracks. Who was Dr Robert? Was Eleanor Rigby married to Father McKenzie? And why are there so many lonely people?

3) What made you smile today?

Seeing my daughter literally skip into her classroom at school - she is always so happy to be there. Oh yes, and my husband just poured me a glass of wine...

And here are some fascinating facts (insert sarcasm emoticon - is there one?) about me.

1) As a child I excelled in the sack race, the three legged race and the egg-and-spoon race. I still don't understand why these are not considered real sports while things like chess and curling are. The world is a seriously messed-up place.

2) I collect Chinese enamel plates - the cheap ones, with flowers on them. And I'm pretty pleased with myself for having such inexpensive taste.

3) Now and then I search the web to see if I can find any little Japanese paper flowers that unfold in water, or the Chinese equivalent where a shell opens in water and a paper flower floats up from it. I used to have these as a child and I am devastated that they're no longer available. Any leads, please let me know.

4) I have what must be the world's most consistently mispronounced (not to mention misspelled) name. For the record, 'Marisa' has only one S, and it rhymes with Lisa.

5) I've been vegetarian for about 25 years. Almost everyone in my family and my husband's family is vegetarian or pescatarian (an annoying word, but what's the alternative?). My son is such a passionate vegetarian that after parties he usually throws out most of his lolly bag contents in case they have gelatine. I'm so proud :)

Now it's my turn to pass the baton to a bunch of people whose blogs I've enjoyed reading lately. They are all mothers of daughters and they tend to sew from the same or similar patterns to me, which means I can often benefit from their experience before trying things out myself. It's like having my own little gang of pattern testers!

So without further ado, I hereby present the Liebster Award to:

Elephant in the Study - I love Asmita's creations and we have a couple of Japanese sewing books in common, so it's always interesting to see what she makes from them.

Sew it Sherry - another Japanese sewing book enthusiast I discovered only recently.

Nutta! - Shino sews lovely clothing for her daughters from - guess what - Japanese sewing books!

Creative Needle & Threads - I discovered Maria's blog when she sewed a stunning Guatemalan-inspired outfit for the Roots sewing series on Elegance & Elephants.

Go check them out and you'll see why I'm hooked!

Apologies to anyone above who has over 200 followers or has already been Liebstered :)

Now here's what these bloggers need to do: 

A. Answer these five questions:

1) What are your other interests/hobbies besides sewing?
2) Do you have a favourite recipe (or failing that, take-away food dish!) and if so, what is it?
3) Where would you most like to go for a holiday, and why?

B. Add five facts about themselves.

C. Choose some other bloggers to receive the award.

D. Display the Liebster logo. At least, I think you're meant to - but it's not like The Liebster Foundation's going to sue you if you don't.

Remember, bloggers, the Liebster Award has been going for many years. If you keep it going, every blog on the net will soon be festooned with lovely pink Liebster logos. To break the chain is very bad luck and will result in your blog being hacked by teenage delinquents. JUST KIDDING! Participation is entirely optional and I will totally understand if you decline to pass it on. I considered doing the same, but... well, it's nice to be appreciated and I thought I'd share the love.

This has been an epic post, so for now - over and out!

Oh yeah, and Bloglovin wants me to drop this code in here, so I'm just going to be obedient and do it.

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  1. thanks Marisa for recommending me! until when do I have to post my answers. sunday or monday would be great....beacause I am back by sunday.

    1. Take as long as you like - there is no time limit :)

  2. Thanks for mentioning my blog, marisa! It's neat that I can write a new post without sewing anything, for me right now :) Will write a post soon!

    1. I didn't think of that, but yes - good timing for you :)

  3. Marisa! So sorry about the delay in commenting, I returned to work last week and it's been pretty crazy, bubba is refusing to eat when she is being looked after by grandma :(

    Anyway, I had totally forgotten about sack races! That was the only physical activity I excelled at when I was little :D Ha, I wonder if I am still good at it?!

    Re: the Japanese paper flowers, do you have a photo? My MIL is going to Japan next month, I can ask her to have a look if she has time ...

    1. I'll upload a photo of the paper flowers and send you the link. I did once ask a friend in Japan but he didn't have any luck - your MIL might do better! And I'm sure your little girl would enjoy them too. Hope she starts eating for grandma soon - sounds stressful for all of you, but I'm sure once she adjusts all will be fine.

    2. I added a photo to the post above :)

    3. Cool, will let you know if she has any luck :)

  4. Hi Marisa, I wanted to ask: are those pillow cases your own design/pattern or did you follow any pattern. I love those, and want to make. I suspect I could use my head a bit, but right now a pattern would be great too :-)

    1. I am the same - I know I could figure it out, but I trust other peoples' measurements better than my own, as I'm prone to making silly mistakes when it comes to numbers... Unfortunately I can't remember which tutorial I used for the pillowcases, but it may have been this one - and if not, it's similar enough:

      Enjoy your sewing!

  5. High Marisa! Thank you for giving me the Liebstered :D I enjoyed reading about you. I will be writing a post on this award and passing it along soon. Have a fantastic Wednesday!!!

    1. Thanks Maria, I look forward to reading your Liebster post!