Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Long time no sew... Kids Clothes Week, Project 1

...although that's not quite true. I have been sewing, and have even finished a couple of skirts for R and a top for myself, but as we've spent the past month playing tag-team with a particularly debilitating virus, and as during this time I managed to drop my camera, completely destroying it, blogging has fallen by the wayside. But now I'm back! Thanks to my mum's old camera and Kids Clothes Week (not to mention several litres of lemon and honey drink and a couple of boxes of panadol) I have sprung back to life. And made a new dress for R. And photographed it.

Pattern: 'Dress with frilled shoulders' (dress a) from Happy Homemade Vol. 2
Size: 4, and it fits perfectly
Fabric: Denim chambray with ribbon detail

This is a really sweet pattern which is easy to sew. I like the narrow width of the frills, and the square neckline lends itself perfectly to embellishment with ribbon. Having failed to find the 'perfect' ribbon in any of the FOUR fabric shops I went to, I ordered one online from Ribbons Galore (great service - will be using them again).

R loves her new dress almost as much as she loves the little present I gave her as a modelling inducement.


  1. The ribbon detail is it!

  2. This is lovely, I think denim looks lovely and is practical too, and the ribbon gives it a feminine touch without being cutesy.

    1. Thanks Becky. Yes denim goes with everything and washes well - great for active kids!

  3. Glad you are back! It is a darling your dress and your daughter is too sweet.