Monday, 14 January 2013

Cardboard distractions

I'm not short of work-in-progress - anyone passing my sewing table could attest to that. But despite the many things I should be finishing (some of which are so close to completion it's ridiculous) it's amazing how appealing and distracting a completely new project can be. Which is why I spent yesterday evening cutting up boxes to make little pencil cases and wallets. The kids were thrilled to see their favourite cereal (Fruity Bites) and the icy summer favourite Sunnyboy featured on the wallets and pencil case.

These recycled beauties are quick to make and don't require much in the way of materials, especially if you, like me, keep carefully flattened cereal boxes to use for unspecified future projects. Add a ruler, gluestick, stanley knife, pen, elastic and some kind of poker or punch and you're all set.

I used this tutorial for the wallets and this one for the pencil case (which I made shorter so I could use the Sunnyboy box). Both tutorials have templates that you can download and use. Quick, cute and recycled - what more could you ask for?

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