Thursday, 12 July 2012

Oliver + S reversible bucket hat

Finally got around to photographing the bucket hat I made for R (couldn't get any shots of it being worn - uncooperative child!). The pattern (here) is a free download which includes four sizes intended to fit children from 6 months to 8 years. I measured R's head before choosing size medium, but the sizing is small and it is a rather snug fit (and summer still months away!) so next time I will make large. Unusually, the crown is an oval shape, which initially made me think that it had distorted in the conversion from US letter to A4, but in fact that is how it is meant to be and the shape does make the hat fit nicely on the head.

Before making the hat I'd read that some people found it hard to join the sides to the crown and the brim to the sides. I took Liesl's advice from this post on the O + S discussion page and clipped quite far into the seam allowance. 

I love that the hat is reversible, and since the pieces are so small it can easily be made from the little bits of fabric left over after making other things. I'm sure I'll be making another one before summer, but with a broader brim to provide more shade.

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