Saturday, 7 July 2012

first post

School holidays - kids fighting constantly. Big computer broken down so we are all sharing one laptop. A thousand bits of lego on the carpet, a play area that is so littered with toys and bits of junk that it's become impossible to walk through it, a desk that is piled high with papers, precious drawings and abandoned 'to do' lists. What better time to start a blog?

As my memory collapses under the strain of several years of child-rearing I've decided to outsource some of my brain's former duties. Pinterest takes care of creative things I might want to remember to do; this blog will take over remembering some of the things I actually do (kind of like the list I keep on the side of the fridge, reminding me of the meals I cook regularly, because otherwise I would forget one now and then and not realise til years later that we used to have tortilla a lot, but then it inexplicably dropped off the menu. And in fact I did forget about tortilla until this very moment, because I have failed to consult the list. This is especially sad because it is one of only three or four things that we all eat. Kids, expect tortilla next Friday night).

First post and already I digress. I was thinking I would devote this blog (a word I really dislike, but what can you do?) to documenting my art and craft activities with my own children and the playgroup session I run, and to keeping a record of the things I have sewn or made (most likely out of cardboard). Maybe I will even convince my son to write the odd guest post, since he once made me set up a blog for him and then failed to post even a single word. And maybe, given paragraph 2 above, I will keep a list of what's cooking in this almost vegetarian household (mostly pasta, mostly with napoletana sauce or some variation thereof). And speaking of which... it's dinnertime. Yes, it's spaghetti napoletana with lots of fresh parsley, accompanied by salad and a glass of something red. Buon appetito!

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