Saturday, 11 June 2016

And now for something cute...

Kids! magazine, besides having heaps of clothing patterns, has instructions for making all sorts of accessories: ear muffs, slippers, hair accessories, bags and more. When I spotted this rather cute bear scarf, I thought how much cooler it would be if it were a cat. The fact that I happened to have some cat-like black fleece in the cupboard was most fortuitous.

Above is the scarf as pictured in the magazine. I changed the ears to pointed ones, embroidered a cat's face and changed the bear paws to silver claws, but I did use the original scarf pattern and the template for the head. I'm a pretty hopeless embroiderer but I like to think that my 'naive' style did the job well enough!

R really loves her new scarf. Putting a cat on things pretty much guarantees that they will be worn!

So cute... do you think I could get away with wearing one myself?


  1. The embroidery looks great - and the whole scarf is really cute. My girls would love this!

    1. Thanks Masha. They are so easy to make, older kids could just about do it themselves!

  2. It's indeed so very cute. Maybe I should make a copycat black cat scarf. :D