Thursday, 25 February 2016

2016 SVE - what I received

Putting together a parcel of gifts for someone in a land far, far away is so much fun - but the joy of the Secret Valentine Exchange is as much in the receiving as in the giving. Arriving home to find a parcel on your doorstep is a wonderful, wonderful experience. And if that parcel is covered with colourful stamps, and if, when you open it, there is a large box inside, all the better! My parcel came from Mirjam in Switzerland, who blogs at Miushka learns to sew and and who goes by @miushkamiushka on Instagram.

I had to shoo Moriarty away so I could open the wrapped gifts without him chewing the paper off (that cat chews anything!). Inside the two beautifully-wrapped packages were... (drumroll):

A little handmade pincushion turtle (tortoise?) so beautifully hand-sewn and decorated with sashiko stitching. He has magnets in his hands to collect pins, and as I write this is making himself useful beside my sewing machine. And...

An oven glove with spotted linen on one side and striped on the other, also decorated with sashiko. Mirjam very creatively embroidered little crosses on the spots, which is a really effective technique (and, she told me, a great way to keep your stitches even and in line!). Going to have to try this myself one day.

Both gifts are so thoughtful and beautifully made, they really made my Valentine's Day special and will always be treasured. Thank you so much, Mirjam!

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  1. Hey Marisa! I'm so glad you made friends with the turtle! And if those gifts are tempting you to try some Sashiko, too, that's great! I'm looking forward to seeing the results some time ;-) Say hello to Moriarty - I already have a little cat crush ;-)