Thursday, 13 February 2014

Little last-minute Valentine's Day presents

Many years ago I had a friend with whom I'd fallen out of touch for no particular reason. One Valentine's day, on a whim, I sent him an unsigned card on which I wrote:

Roses are red
Violets are blue.
You never ring me
And I never ring you.

I laughed myself stupid imagining him wondering who among his many ex-girlfriends had written it. When I finally confessed years later the poor guy told me that he'd been watching his back for months after receiving my card, but he did (eventually) see the funny side, and I still have a giggle when I think about it.

Practical jokes aside, Valentine's Day remains a non-event around here, despite the best efforts of greeting card manufacturers and red rose growers. Since my son started school, however, I have been known to pop a little something special in his lunchbox on Valentine's - usually just a note, or a little chocolate heart. And now that I have two children at school, two little gifts are required.

R needs something to distinguish her schoolbag from all the others, so using this great tutorial I made a heart-shaped zip pouch that can hang off the side of the bag. Inside it I put a dollar coin (for 'icy-pole Friday' at school) and a couple of our favourite Polish fudge sweets. K already has a little zip pouch for school money and I didn't think he'd go for anything heart-shaped, so he will be getting a personalised word search (thanks to Sanae for the inspiration!) along with some fudge. Sanae has kindly provided a Valentine's word search as a free download, but I used this generator to make one featuring some of K's favourite things.

Happy Valentine's Day, to those of you who celebrate/acknowledge/tolerate it!


  1. That heart shaped zip pouch is too cute! I shall go and check out that tutorial now. Happy Valentines Day!

    1. Thank you :) Yes, do check out the tutorial - the circle zip pouch is also great.

  2. Cute purse, and I like the little ditty. Thinking of it, I could send that to many one near but still dear and out of touch friends :-)