Saturday, 30 November 2013

Golden Book bunting

At my son's school fair earlier this year I bought some Little Golden Books with the vague idea of making something out of them. Having successfully concealed them from the children for several months I decided it would be fun to make bunting, so I selected 'Day on the Farm' and (mercilessly!) chopped it into triangles. With the top edges sandwiched in bias tape, it made a very sweet little garland which I gave to my sister as part of her birthday present (I'm not sure if vintage children's book illustrations are really her thing, but she does have young children who will most likely appreciate them).

My daughter thought the bunting was very sweet and I rather fancied having some in our home, so I cut ten triangles out of 'The Poky Little Puppy's Naughty Day' and was very pleased with the result. A cool thing about this bunting is that every triangle has a different cute picture on the back of it, so you can hang it the other way around and have a whole new selection of images!

As we already have a copy of this book the story is familiar, so R can lie in bed, gaze at the little puppies and remember the story. Or plan her own naughty exploits...


  1. Very cute. I think I'd have to find a modern reprint as I'd struggle to take scissors to a book, especially one of the originals. It does look great, though...

    1. I don't know how 'original' they were - they looked worn, but not terribly old. I love books and was hesitant to cut them up at first, but I got over it :) And have you noticed they have republished all the 'classic' Golden Books? You can go buy new ones!