Monday, 29 April 2013

Kids' Clothes Week Project 3: Aprons big and small

I promise I finished this project during Kids' Clothes Week. Two days ago, in fact! It's just that circumstances conspired against me so that I couldn't photograph the aprons on actual children, and if you've ever tried to photograph an apron you'll know that it looks pretty unimpressive when it's not being worn.

So - the details of this very simple project:

Pattern: None. Vaguely copied (reducing considerably) an adult apron, then vaguely copied (enlarging slightly) a child's apron made a few years ago. Decided against adding pockets - could see myself finding disgusting bits of old food in them when doing the laundry after cooking sessions. Used D-rings on neck straps so they are adjustable - hate it when aprons hang too low (as K's does anyway. Must adjust it.)
Fabric: Drill from Spotlight. The children adore it.
Size: One big, one small.

And that's my final KCW project for this season. Now for some cooking!