Monday, 5 November 2012

Playgroup art and craft: Shaving cream and paint

Shaving cream and paint, when combined, provide a wonderfully textural painting experience. The mix results in a thickened, fluffier paint that is fantastic for finger-painting.

Today at playgroup I sprayed some shaving cream into plastic containers, added a few blobs of paint into each and let the kids launch straight into things without stirring it first (because mixing it up is one of the most pleasurable parts of this activity!). The children needed no encouragement to get their hands dirty and start painting.

Because children love to apply fingerpaint very thickly, we used A3 sheets of light cardboard rather than paper, which would have fallen apart when we lifted it to hang it up to dry.

R tried drawing lines on the thickly applied paint, first with her finger, then with the handle of a paintbrush. This technique is called sgraffito - scratching away the surface to reveal the colour underneath (which in her case was a pink piece of card).

Afterwards she enjoyed menacing me with her 'monster hands' but I'm pleased to report that I (and my clothes) survived unscathed.

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