Monday, 15 October 2012

Playgroup art and craft: Bubble wrap printing

Once again the plastic tubs came in handy. A few blobs of paint spread out with a bit of cardboard; some pieces of bubble-wrap cut into manageable sizes...

You lay the bubble wrap in the paint to coat it, then press it gently onto the paper. The result is a dotty, multicoloured pattern with colours that blend gently into each other.

After some painting, R did a drawing. This is the first time she has drawn a house in this  way, with a triangular roof, a chimney and a neat little pair of windows. Previously her houses have been vaguely rectangular but have been much more higgledy piggledy. I love it most when she draws things from observation or imagination, but I was impressed by her mastery of the convential 'house' form. In case you're wondering, the thing to the right of the door is 'where the ding-dong goes' - a very important feature of the house, as R loves ringing our doorbell (it must, of course, be rung repeatedly - much as the button at the traffic lights must be pressed at least twenty times). What is it about kids and buttons?

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